Ken & Nicole ~ A Colorful Fall Wedding

Everybody loves the colors in fall – the bright oranges, reds, and yellows… Ken and Nicole decided to keep with the theme that was already present in nature and incorporate it into their wedding! True, I’m a little late blogging this gorgeous Livermore wedding (it’s from last year’s fall) But I figured now is the time of year to share, hopefully to inspire those planning to get married next fall.


Ken&Nicole-3Ken&Nicole-4 Ken&Nicole-7 Ken&Nicole-9 Ken&Nicole-11 Ken&Nicole-16 Ken&Nicole-21 Ken&Nicole-27 Ken&Nicole-33 Ken&Nicole-35Ken&Nicole-36 Ken&Nicole-63 Ken&Nicole-65 Ken&Nicole-68 Ken&Nicole-69 Ken&Nicole-71 Ken&Nicole-79 Ken&Nicole-83 Ken&Nicole-88 Ken&Nicole-103 Ken&Nicole-107Ken&Nicole-108 Ken&Nicole-109 Ken&Nicole-153 Ken&Nicole-156 Ken&Nicole-160 Ken&Nicole-162 Ken&Nicole-171 Ken&Nicole-182 Ken&Nicole-186 Ken&Nicole-188 Ken&Nicole-190 Ken&Nicole-195 Ken&Nicole-198
Ken&Nicole-218 Ken&Nicole-219
Ken&Nicole-254 Ken&Nicole-255 Ken&Nicole-261 Ken&Nicole-262 Ken&Nicole-263 Ken&Nicole-269 Ken&Nicole-297 Ken&Nicole-322 Ken&Nicole-327 Ken&Nicole-328 Ken&Nicole-343 Ken&Nicole-346 Ken&Nicole-347 Ken&Nicole-349 Ken&Nicole-354 Ken&Nicole-358 Ken&Nicole-364

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