How many photos will I get from my session?

For weddings, it depends on how long I’ll be shooting for, how many posed shots you want, how much decoration you have, the number of guests, the lighting, the weather, how crazy your cousin-in-law dances, anything and everthing is a variable. It could be as few as 300 for a short and sweet wedding, or as much as 600+ edited shots for an elaborate full wedding day, it just depends on your wedding circumstances.

For portraits and engagements, a two hour session could produce between 80-100+ edited shots. This also may vary but thats generally what a portrait session produces.

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What sets you apart from other photographers?

I offer all of the high resolution, 100% fully edited, digital photo files from the day. ALL of the photos from the day are retouched, not just some of them. You are never sent “raw” unedited photos. Each photo is given careful and specific attention to adjust color, contrast, etc. to make sure it perfectly reflects my personal style of photography. I do not offer you galleries where you can order prints that are marked up in pricing, I *give* you the photos, in high resolution format, so you can order prints from wherever you choose (My contracts always include giving my clients printing rights for personal use). I do however provide preview viewing galleries so that you can share the highlights with your family and friends, with every session!

How long before I get my photos?

It can range from 8-12 weeks for weddings depending on the amount of photos taken and the amount of editing needed. In peak seasons it may be a little longer, on rare occasions up to 16 weeks. For portraits, its generally between 3-4 weeks. If there are any deadlines as to when the finished photos are needed, this can be discussed with me in the initial planning to see if I can meet your needs.

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How would you describe your style?

I am by no means a traditional photographer. My style is very photojournalistc – capturing the day as it happens, the emotions as they’re expressed, the smiles and tears as they come. I strongly believe that the best shots are achieved through the subject being in their element and feeling comfortable, and its hard to attain that when a photographer is telling you constantly what to do. I want you to be at ease, and this produces great, naturally beautiful shots. However, I will give direction when needed, and every wedding needs some posed shots, such as the bridal party and of family, but I will always try my best to make those as least awkward as possible!

What area do you cover? Do you travel? Destination weddings?

I am currently based in Pleasanton, California and I cover weddings all over the San Francisco Bay Area, from as far south as Big Sur to as far north as Napa Valley. Occasionally, I also cover weddings in other states! As for destination weddings – As I mentioned earlier, I LOVE traveling, which is why I offer specialized packages for couples who like a little adventure. I am open to traveling any country, and some of my packages even include all travel costs to anywhere in the world! My packages for destination weddings are fully customizeable, so shoot me an email and we can talk about what you need.

– More questions? Send me an email! info@jaclynlanae.com